An entire exhibition design system, including branding and all necessary print and digital materials. Conceptualized around the theme AfterDark, and the idea that a designer's best ideas become illuminated after dark. 
Letterforms have been rendered in Cinema 4D.
3 dimensional letterforms (A and D) have been created using Cinema 4D and inspire the entire brand of the show while forming the logo. The structure of each letterform is comprised of various translucent plastic and plexiglass materials. The transparency of the plastic allows light to be diffused through the material. Within each letterform is a glass tube holding neon light. These neon tubes illuminate the letterforms in an otherwise dark environment. Once illuminated in the darkness, the colours of the plastic transform into rich hues of blue and purple.
The print material for the exhibition includes posters, wayfinding signage, a floor plan of the event space, name badges for each student and faculty, a catalogue featuring each student, and a personal bio and brief CV snapshot for each student to display on their table.            
Process Work
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