An exploratory look at modern typography through the lens of type history. 
Modern Type is based loosely on the concept of a type specimen and explores a variety of modern type styles and handmade letterforms that are each inspired by the characteristics of historical type classifications.

The target audience for this exploratory typography book is individuals with an interest or pre-existing enthusiasm for typography, as well as educators and design students. This project was created specifically to be submitted to the RGD awards, with a design brief that left creative direction, category choice, and final deliverables to be determined by the student. With the target audience in mind, Modern Type was designed to be an engaging and tactile experience for the user, matching the expressive and unique nature of each letterform featured throughout the book. The book includes vellum overlays, foil finishes, heavy card stock, and screw post binding, all meant to further the user experience.
The book begins with a brief lesson in type history and type anatomy to allow the reader to understand the concepts and terms mentioned throughout the book.
A description of the type style is included on the left page of the spread, including its historical inspiration and an example of a typeface found within that historical classification. ​​​​​​​
As part one of a three-part series, Modern Type Part I explores letters A through H. 
Each letter of the alphabet is carefully designed to reflect a modern type style. Some of these styles include geometric, vintage, handmade script, experimental, and three-dimensional letterforms.
Process Work
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